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Polo T Shirt Printing Singapore

Oct 19

How to Choose the Branded Polo T Shirt Printing Singapore for Your Corporate Attire

Polo T shirt Printing Singapore can be customized to fit any job. Polos are a versatile workwear item that can be worn by everyone from bar staff to hotel cleaners to electricians.

Two factors are important when choosing the right polo shirt for your business uniform:

  • The Garment Itself A polo shirt that your staff loves to wear, is affordable and makes a good impression about your brand is the right one.
  • The Customisation Method: Your choice of technique will determine the style of your polo shirt.

This post will be more in-depth and explain some terms used within the industry.

Embroidery is a technique for customizing clothing and adding artwork (logos and designs, information, etc.) using needle and thread. This is a highly skilled and durable process that can be done by machines.

Screen printing is a method of printing that uses inks to create a screen press. Vinyl printing involves digitally cutting small pieces of vinyl to a precise size and applying them to shirts. Digital or transfer printing allows images to be printed digitally and then applied to shirts.

Each has its pros and cons. It can become a bit complicated. Here are some ways to keep it simple.

How to Choose Your Customized Polo T Shirt Printing 

Check out the range of polo t shirt printing and ensure you meet the following criteria.

Color: Select a polo shirt in colours that match your branding. The next step is to decide whether you want to use neutral, safe colors (black, white and navy), or incorporate your brand colours into garment colour (as easyJet did with their orange uniforms).

Style Make sure that the polo shirts that you wish to personalise are in styles that will please everyone. The polo shirt's appearance and feel will depend on how it is worn. It will affect staff morale and retention if they don't like the workwear you buy.

Cost And, of course the truth is that the cost will likely have the power over the other two. It is considered over budget if it exceeds the budget. Be sure that the cost is within your budget.

Once you've found the perfect polo shirt that fits your brand and budget and everyone is wearing it, you can choose between embroidering or print branding and place your order.

Here's a free guide that will help you make sure everything is in order. It also includes tips on convincing bosses and employees that company clothing is a good idea. Continue reading to learn how to choose between embroidery and print on a polo shirts.

How to choose between embroidery and imprint on your Polo t shirt printing singapore 

After you've chosen a polo t shirt printing that fits your brand's guidelines and creates the look you want, and your staff is happy, it is time to decide which customization technique you will use.

Screen printing and transfer printing all create different looks. They cannot be used on all types and types of logos.

You can choose which customisation technique to use and which polo shirt you will use to achieve the look you desire. The customisation method you choose will also affect the polo shirt that you can use.

Most pique cotton customised polos shirts have embroidery. This is because embroidery offers a more timeless and durable look than polo shirts.

This is just a generalization. Print techniques might work best for your brand and business.

You must also consider the fabric that was used to create the garment when deciding between embroidery on a polo shirt or print branding.

There are many weaves and materials available for polo shirts. The most well-known and widely used polo shirt is the Pique cotton. However, they can also be made from breathable fabric blends and 100% polyester (designed for active or heated environments), and other cotton weaves such as ringspun combed cotton.

The technique you choose will depend on the material and details of your polo t shirt printing singapore.

These are some tips to help you decide whether to use embroidery or print on your polo shirt.

  • One colour and simple detailartwork. You can screen print, transfer, or embroider various types of polo shirts. Here, setting, brand style and personal preference are all important.
  • Multi-colour and Simple Detail Artwork - embroidery works best with pique cotton, screen printed and transfers well on all types of fabric (though some people use embroidery).
  • One-colour or detailed art - Choose a screen-print-friendly polo shirts (non-pique), for the best visual appearance. Pique can make it difficult to catch the fine details and embroidery won't be as crisp.
  • Multi-colour and detailed art - While embroidery can capture great levels of detail, screen, digital, or transfer printing on nonpique polo shirt printing is better.

This is all you need to know when choosing the right polo t shirt printing singapore and customizing it.